Grilled asparagus with tarragon butter sauce

 “This is the dawning of the Age of Asparagus Age of Asparagus Asparagus! Asparagus!” I’m not sure what it is about this annual refrain that gets L so annoyed. I think it’s very clever and it makes for a delightful little ear worm that stays with you all day (you’ll see). No apologies to […]

Celery root remoulade

This is the Cinderella of salads. Take one plain (if you’re generous) or ugly (if you’re honest) root vegetable, basement-dwelling sibling to an elegant sister, strip off the gnarly beige attire and dress it up in French fashion. And, voila, something magical happens. Okay, maybe not magical, but tasty. Celery root, the least attractive member […]

Dried beans, fast and slow

Dried beans are great to have on hand and are just about as easy as canned. If you plan ahead. If you have some time, cover dried kidney beans with at least three times their volume of water leave on counter overnight. Drain. If you’re in a hurry, put dried beans in a deep pot […]

Roasted chestnuts

Every Christmas tradition we have was invented at some time or another. Even the holiday itself was created by the Church so the pagans wouldn’t have all the fun under the mistletoe at the winter celebration of Yuletide. Much of our “modern” Christmas is a 19th-Century creation and we still measure the holiday against the […]

We’re eating more beets

“You’re going to give those away, right?” L asked as I stood admiring the row of jars, jewels really, still hot from the canner. I had been expecting some resistance to the notion of a crowd of pickled beets lined up in the cold cellar just waiting to sneak themselves onto the menu and into […]

Carrot week

A multitude of wonderfully crunchy carrots are still to be found among the weeds that have prospered in my vegetable garden this year. The onions were puny and malformed, the tomatoes underwhelming but for some reason the carrots and beets thrived. (My guess is that cool, rainy summers are good for both carrots and weeds, […]