Watermelon and feta salad

Nigella Lawson may not be the first person who comes to mind when you want to turn down the heat (she tends to have the opposite effect on me), but this salad is a godsend on hot and sticky evenings when even opening the fridge seems like too much effort in the kitchen. Simple, sumptuous […]

Salad days

You know you’ve just come through a perfect summer weekend when it’s Thursday and your still relaxed.  Even bumpy-flighted business travel, cranky bean counters and a moderate earthquake can’t get you agitated (although, I have to admit, being on the 13th floor of an office tower like I was when the building starts to shake […]

Celery root remoulade

This is the Cinderella of salads. Take one plain (if you’re generous) or ugly (if you’re honest) root vegetable, basement-dwelling sibling to an elegant sister, strip off the gnarly beige attire and dress it up in French fashion. And, voila, something magical happens. Okay, maybe not magical, but tasty. Celery root, the least attractive member […]

Early summer slaw

The Brits call it the weekend, North Americans call it a weekend (with a weaker end) and the French call it le weekend, although their language mavens try to get them to say fin de la semaine. Call it what you like, the last one was glorious and I can hardly wait till Friday to […]

Potato, egg and green bean salad

This is Part Three of my week-long celebration of eggs. Our timid winter sun shone for two whole days this weekend and the light was glorious. But the snow is still there and the temperature is still well below freezing. I am now officially tired of winter and am quite ready for a week-long celebration […]

A simple spinach salad

The sound the bathroom scale made as I stepped gingerly on to it the other morning could have been a groan or it could have been a low chuckle. It’s even possible it was a knowing sigh. The only thing that I know for certain was it didn’t sound surprised. And, as I stared down […]