Saturday was hot and muggy. The kind of day that makes it hard to imagine  it will get cold around here. But we’ve also lived here long enough to  know that  there’s a pretty good chance it will (in fact, I googled it and the average December sees zero (32 F) as a high. No […]

Corn on the cob with feta and mint

The annual appearance of the big yellow “Sweet Corn” signs on roadside farm stalls is always a moment tinged with sadness. When the corn is ready and the first crickets start to sound, you know it’s the beginning of the end of summer. The corn will be with us until the kids go back to […]

You say tomato, I say Kumato

We’re just weeks away from fresh field tomatoes. But, I can’t wait. I have a craving for my favourite classic steakhouse salad – a dish served all year round at the restaurant but best eaten only when meaty, field-fresh beefsteak tomatoes are in season. Then, it’s a meal all by itself – sweet tomatoes with […]