Port and cinnamon cranberry sauce

For years I have made a great big bowl of cranberry sauce with every holiday turkey, only to watch family and guests (me included) take a polite nibble and leave the rest. The bowl sits in the fridge for a week or two, untouched, before someone puts us out of its misery and tosses it […]

Fresh fig and strawberry jam

This is the time of year when bounty can become a bit of a burden. Our counter is groaning under the weight of fresh produce. Who decided it was a good idea to buy four pounds of strawberries and four pounds of cherries at the same time? For the third day in a row? And, […]

We’re eating more beets

“You’re going to give those away, right?” L asked as I stood admiring the row of jars, jewels really, still hot from the canner. I had been expecting some resistance to the notion of a crowd of pickled beets lined up in the cold cellar just waiting to sneak themselves onto the menu and into […]