Granola bars

Well, it’s finally happened: we are eating homemade granola bars. Next, we’ll be “harvesting” neighbourhood squirrels for stew or buying an electric car. But, before the tie-dyed crowd starts weaving daisies into my hair, I want to assure everyone that it was my wife who made these. Not me. However, I do have to admit […]

M&M cookies

The holidays are over. Our decadent vacation in the sun is over. New Year’s resolutions are still in full effect. Oh, well. L made these and I can’t resist. Happy Sunday! M&M Cookies Adapted from a recipe at 1 cup butter, softened 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup light brown sugar, firmly packed 1 […]

Scotch eggs

It’s Day Two of my week-long celebration of eggs but, it’s also Super Bowl Sunday. So, here’s the dilemma I faced: how do you fit the wholesome, goodfoodness of eggs onto a menu that consists of the greasy, fatty jumble of nachos, chicken wings, corn dogs, meat-lovers pizza and beer? And, no, egg batter doesn’t […]

Chocolate chip Sunday

There is something close to atavistic about the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking; it’s an aroma that takes you back to your childhood, even if your mother didn’t bake. The heavy, almost cloying scent is strong enough to lure even our teenage zombies, blinking in the daylight, from their lairs. Bite into the cookie […]

Candy sushi

“I need to make an unusual dessert for French class homework,” our daughter announced the other night. “What can I make?” “French class?” I asked reflexively, dumbly, before I could help myself. “Yeah,” she said as if unusual dessert is a normal part of French class  (she meant to say “like, duh?”), “What can I […]

Roasted chestnuts

Every Christmas tradition we have was invented at some time or another. Even the holiday itself was created by the Church so the pagans wouldn’t have all the fun under the mistletoe at the winter celebration of Yuletide. Much of our “modern” Christmas is a 19th-Century creation and we still measure the holiday against the […]