Onion soup

This is another recipe from my new favourite cookbook, Cucina Povera, although it’s so simple you hardly need a recipe at all. All you need are caramelized red onions, beef stock, some day-old bread and cheese. This soup, carabaccia, in Italian (just about everything sounds better in Italian), may be the precursor to the more-famous […]

Probably not your grandmother’s matzo ball soup

From the better-late-than-never department, Happy Hanukkah! Trying to figure out which recipe to use for my first attempt at matzo ball soup was more than a little daunting. Just figuring out the proper spelling is hard enough. There are thousands of recipes (each handed down from a grandmother, it seems) in cookbooks and online and, […]


Saturday was hot and muggy. The kind of day that makes it hard to imagine  it will get cold around here. But we’ve also lived here long enough to  know that  there’s a pretty good chance it will (in fact, I googled it and the average December sees zero (32 F) as a high. No […]

Pork paprikash

Baby, it’s cold outside.  A summer cold snap calls for something with a little more substance than salad. Something saucy and meaty and noodley. This paprikash fits the bill nicely; a rich, but not too rich, sauce made with red wine and fresh tomatoes and lots of heat from pungent Hungarian paprika and cayenne. Lean […]

Chili (the secret recipe)

When a friend innocently asked me for my chili recipe I froze, then I panicked. Then I lied. “It’s a secret.” That was simply boneheaded and I apologize. There is no secret to this chili, just a mystery. A mystery because I have been making it for so long that I hardly think about what […]