M&M cookies

The holidays are over. Our decadent vacation in the sun is over. New Year’s resolutions are still in full effect. Oh, well. L made these and I can’t resist. Happy Sunday! M&M Cookies Adapted from a recipe at mms.com 1 cup butter, softened 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup light brown sugar, firmly packed 1 […]


Calas redux

Meats, Roots and Leaves reader Debra sent in some pictures of her version of calas, New Orleans fried rice cakes. Here’s what she said about them: “Someone said food lovers don’t talk about calories, totally agreed with that so here comes my Calas. Kid and husband love it and asked me to make it again, […]

Chocolate chip oatmeal waffle cookies

Way back in the deep cupboard above the fridge, among the jumble of hideous vases, unused fondue pots, forgotten jars of homemade preserves brought as party gifts and an entire box of licorice allsorts from Christmas 2007, is our waffle iron. Actually, it’s our daughter’s waffle iron, bought as a birthday gift a few years […]

Dutch baby bunnies

The annual plan to have rabbit for Easter dinner fell victim once again to the family veto. They don’t know what they’re missing; I love the firm, white meat, which, done properly, is a great change from other white meats like chicken or pork. This year, however, I at least got the word bunny on […]

Johnny cake

Bahamian johnny cake (reportedly a corruption of “journey cake” because early settlers and their slaves carried them as portable meals)  is more like a cross between pound cake and corn bread than the flat pancakes I was expecting. Ubiquitous with boil fish, this light, sweet, slightly dry cake/bread is great warm with butter or jam. […]

Chocolate chip Sunday

There is something close to atavistic about the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking; it’s an aroma that takes you back to your childhood, even if your mother didn’t bake. The heavy, almost cloying scent is strong enough to lure even our teenage zombies, blinking in the daylight, from their lairs. Bite into the cookie […]


If you’ve only had the supermarket variety,  you could be forgiven for thinking that tourtière is the French word for torture. The Christmas Eve tradition of eating the previously frozen, dried-out discs of often-under-spiced and over-cooked ground pork is a chore many people with a French Canadian branch somewhere on their family tree have learned […]

Flaky pie pastry

Here’s the recipe I use for pie pastry. I roll it out until it’s very thin (I have a ball leftover after I roll out the top and bottom for a pie). L hates the idea that there is lard in this, but it is essential. (I have a friend who thinks lard just needs […]