Cream of asparagus soup

Opening the crisper drawer after I have been away for a week is a lot like opening a time capsule or, an Egyptian tomb – a rush of ancient air desperate to rejoin the space-time continuum. I close the drawer quickly before something else slithers out and wonder what my family ate while I was […]


Dutch baby bunnies

The annual plan to have rabbit for Easter dinner fell victim once again to the family veto. They don’t know what they’re missing; I love the firm, white meat, which, done properly, is a great change from other white meats like chicken or pork. This year, however, I at least got the word bunny on […]

Pisco sour

This is Part Six of my week-long celebration of eggs. Today, finally, I mix eggs and alcohol. My personal foreign policy requires me to stay out of other nations’ conflicts, particularly Latin American disputes. So, with that in mind, it is with some nervousness that I write this entry. To make matters worse, I risk […]