Yorkshire pudding

Our daughter, The World’s Pickiest Eater™,  consumes almost nothing I make. She will, however, devour Yorkshire pudding. I like it with mustard-crusted roast beef, mashed potatoes, mushy peas and onion gravy. Fresh horseradish, too. But she’ll ask for it with just about anything. And so Yorkshire pudding has become pretty much a staple in our house. The […]

Eggs Benedict with chipotle Hollandaise sauce and Montreal smoked meat, two potato hash

[tweetmeme] This is Part Seven of my week-long celebration of eggs. I think I can squeeze in one more egg recipe before my kids call the child welfare agency and L follows through with her threat to become a vegan for Lent. As the French say, un oeuf is enough. So, let me push my […]

20 good egg tips

This is Part Four of my week-long celebration of eggs. Today, 20 tips for storing and cooking eggs. Generally, eggs work best at room temperature. If eggs have been in the fridge, warm them up for five minutes in warm tap water before using. However, for poaching or frying, use eggs straight from the fridge, […]

Potato, egg and green bean salad

This is Part Three of my week-long celebration of eggs. Our timid winter sun shone for two whole days this weekend and the light was glorious. But the snow is still there and the temperature is still well below freezing. I am now officially tired of winter and am quite ready for a week-long celebration […]

Scotch eggs

It’s Day Two of my week-long celebration of eggs but, it’s also Super Bowl Sunday. So, here’s the dilemma I faced: how do you fit the wholesome, goodfoodness of eggs onto a menu that consists of the greasy, fatty jumble of nachos, chicken wings, corn dogs, meat-lovers pizza and beer? And, no, egg batter doesn’t […]

An egg in every pot

One of the questions I’m sometimes asked, almost always while eating, is “what would you want as your last meal?” I always give the same answer: “How about you?” I say in my best imitation of Hannibal Lecter, “more Chianti?” It really is a morbid question when you think about it and your mind ends […]