Probably not your grandmother’s matzo ball soup

From the better-late-than-never department, Happy Hanukkah! Trying to figure out which recipe to use for my first attempt at matzo ball soup was more than a little daunting. Just figuring out the proper spelling is hard enough. There are thousands of recipes (each handed down from a grandmother, it seems) in cookbooks and online and, […]

Sun-dried tomato and brandy cream sauce

October 25th was World Pasta Day and we almost missed it. Fortunately, it’s pasta day eight days a week around here (or so it seems) and we happened to be enjoying a bowl that very evening even though we were oblivious to the significance of the date. Whew! That was close. It’s not entirely clear […]

After the flood

Drywall is up (did it myself so, don’t look too closely), painting is done, shelves are up and they have been stocked with new food. Two weeks after a leaky pipe caused havoc in the kitchen, wrecking the walls and causing the pantry shelves to collapse (olive oil gives a lovely sheen to slate floors), […]