A wishbone for Edgar

Anyone who has been following the narrative on one of my favourite blogs,  she eats bears, is sitting on the edge of their kitchen stool in anticipation of this weekend’s big event. The gentle rhythm of Marysol’s blog has been punctuated by a bit of tension of late as she prepares to open her own little restaurant, Edgar. It’s hard not to admire someone who has a dream to pursue her passion and then has the gumption to leave her job and do it. And now, after reading along through the trials and errors, we can all look forward to Saturday’s opening. And the food looks great.

So, Edgar, best wishbones for a grand opening and a prosperous future.


2 thoughts on “A wishbone for Edgar

  1. Thank you Scott!!

    I had not seen this before today, I am catching up with my breakfast…

    I loved wishbones as a kid and truly have always made wishes from the bottom of my heart when I held a piece to break off.

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