For the wine-loving (meat) smoker

Saw these in a little shop in our village and immediately picked up a bundle without even looking at the price, which turned out to be around $7 with tax. “They make a perfect hostess gift,” the sales clerk said. “Maybe so,” I replied, “but these are for me.” Okay, there’s one born every minute. […]

Red meat gets a reprieve

Finally, a scientific study that suggests hamburgers may not be that bad after all.  The conclusions, published in the journal Circulation, found that there was no causal link between red meat and heart disease. This fantastic news comes to us from very smart people at Harvard so it has to be right. The study suggested […]

Celery root remoulade

This is the Cinderella of salads. Take one plain (if you’re generous) or ugly (if you’re honest) root vegetable, basement-dwelling sibling to an elegant sister, strip off the gnarly beige attire and dress it up in French fashion. And, voila, something magical happens. Okay, maybe not magical, but tasty. Celery root, the least attractive member […]

‘Scotch’ quail eggs with merguez sausage

A friend who now lives in Paris has a wonderful anecdote about the famed French habit of moderation in all things. While experiencing the French health care system from a hospital bed, a nurse came to take his lunch order. After he had made his choices she asked one more question: “Rouge ou blanc, monsieur?” […]