Celery root remoulade

This is the Cinderella of salads. Take one plain (if you’re generous) or ugly (if you’re honest) root vegetable, basement-dwelling sibling to an elegant sister, strip off the gnarly beige attire and dress it up in French fashion. And, voila, something magical happens. Okay, maybe not magical, but tasty. Celery root, the least attractive member […]

‘Scotch’ quail eggs with merguez sausage

A friend who now lives in Paris has a wonderful anecdote about the famed French habit of moderation in all things. While experiencing the French health care system from a hospital bed, a nurse came to take his lunch order. After he had made his choices she asked one more question: “Rouge ou blanc, monsieur?” […]

Our pork is famous

A quick shout out for our farmer, Barbara Schaefer, (we’re members of her CSA  – Community Supported Agriculture – program) whose Large Black pigs smiled up at us in our local paper this morning (as did Barbara). I’m just glad we got ours in the freezer before the rush starts. If you’ve never eaten pork […]

Help wanted

If you’re like me, you sometimes wonder how come getting ready for even a small dinner party can be an all-day affair that leaves the kitchen looking like the Third Panzer Division stopped by for a hasty meal and didn’t do the dishes. How is it that a TV chef can do it all  – […]

Pecan caramel cheesecake

This is officially my all-time favourite dessert. Combining pecans, caramel and dreamy rich cheesecake has got to be close to illegal it’s so good. I am having trouble writing with my mouth full so, I’ll cut straight to the recipe, which comes from chow.com. Note: I omitted the salt, which I am sure would have […]

Have on hand: crostini

Crostini is Italian for “little crust,” in our house it’s translated as “why are we eating bread when we could be eating crostini?” In theory, I make crostini with left-over baguettes that would otherwise be thrown out and serve them to guests with expensive wine and cheeses. But the truth is, crostini in our house […]