Lobster poutine

This week’s New Yorker (the food issue) features a piece by Calvin Trillin poking fun at “Quebec’s Funniest Food,” which is, of course, poutine. I am not a big fan of defining a people by the food they eat, let alone mocking them, but poutine seems to make Americans laugh the way  we all really […]

Guest blog: the retro pantry

I haven’t even seen a jar of Ovaltine in decades, but guest blogger Rhianna Padamsey is reliving her youth with this look at the chocolatey drink. – ska The onset of fall inevitably conjures up a variety of images: scarves, long slow braises, extra blankets, changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes.. However, it’s not often – […]

Tuna for two

I never thought that almost-raw tuna could be considered a comfort food, but I’m coming around. On busy weeknights (and even the odd weekday lunch when L and I sneak home for a bite) this straight-forward dish is a light and elegant meal that I find myself craving. Done right, tuna is a rich but […]

Bacon and eggs, Italian style

We are lucky to have a great source of artisan bacon (among many other delicacies) in our neighbourood but it’s probably too close (and too delicious) for our own good. I often buy a pound a week and that’s raised our consumption by at least four times what we used to eat when we bought […]

Dining with Dubya

Even if you get to sit at the same table as a former president, as I was lucky enough to do a couple of days ago at an event in Monreal, you don’t really get to know him. Still, this is a food blog and I had lunch with George W. Bush, so, I am […]

Farm to fork redux

I thought I’d share part of an e-mail I got from L after she had read the post below. A light-hearted reminder that pragmatism is always on the menu: “So, I will get chicken breast and romaine lettuce for dinner?  And then we are going to the fitness centre. Sorry I didn’t raise and kill […]